Monday, 12 August 2013

salamat hari raya


Actually, I want to continue about taaruf week but not this time laaaa. I also want to share about ramadhan kareem but not for this time because I only want to spend a very short time for this entry. Just wanna wish selamat hari raya.... to everybody. please forgive me...

raya for this year just like years before....alhamdulillah dapat celebrate raya lagi tahun nie....this year's raya is in the middle of mid term exam. it is ujian....raya bersederhana this is some pictures during raya.
Hopefully we improve our ibadah when we graduated from the university of ramadan. istiqamah walaupun ckit is better actually.

the brothers

hmmmm tudung nie mmg...... buat gimmick pulak

shaking ckit....

time iftar dgn bureaumate dekat studio aed

lastly....dekat masjid negara with scouts members yg kat bwh nie bukan atas ea...

thank you, syukran, xie xie, mercy, terima kasih..... semua ^_^

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