Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Learnt a lot...


 Lama dah nak tulis baru smpat harini.. semalam x sihat sikit.. alhamdulillah harini getting better.. hmm, sambungan yg haritu that i already deleted. 

               I already forgive, forget and pray for you.. hehe.. x baik nak salahkan org lain.. diri sendiri yg salah sebenarnya... nak salahkan org lain .. mungkin dia sendiri pun x tahu dia yang salah... Its okay.. setiap orang yg Allah hadirkan dalam hidup nie ada reasonnya. x de satu pun yg Allah cipta yg sia2... haha... mak dok ckp saya ada boyfriend pulak.. lama2 sekali keluar topik nie.. dulu saya deny but now i diam je senyum.. x larat dh nk mendeny.. 

               I wanna ask forgiveness from everyone.. hehe.. hmm intern kat sini bnyk blajar tntg kehidupan. Semalam teman kawan ziarah atuk dia pastu ada nenek dia yg setia mnjaga atuk which is seorang isteri yg setia mnjaga suami yg sakit... nie baru laa till jannah... org sakit dkt hospital nie happy bila ada org melawat ..nmpak atuk tu happy.. bila nk balik dia mcm sedih.. semoga Allah kurniakan kesembuhan.... semoga tangan mak pun sembuh cepat... semoga Allah bagi kesihatan yg baik utk semua org sekeliling yg aku sayang.. 
                 Puan Subaidah, my sv td belanja mkn.. katanya help her settle the work... i segan laa org belanja3 nie.. I tak tolong sgt pun.. tu kn mmg kerja saya.. semoga Allah murahkan rezeki Puan Sue.. baru laa fuction terukss I dkt sini.. baru best.... thank you juga Pn. Sue cerita + bg nasihat.. utk cari kerja.. 

                okay lah.. nk sambung buat kerja.. love all of you.. sebarkan positive vibes.. p/s pakcik bas tolong laa bawa bas relax2.. alhamdulillah x jatuh.. hmmm

Monday, 24 July 2017



Again I'm typing at my office.. hehe. Today's news is about to submit the report. Last week, we got to know our academic supervisor. My SV is sir fawwaz. Alhamdulillah. I already emailed to sir and he is okay if I wanna ask but I am segan laa to ask. I wanted some information about this internship place but my sv here pun mcm busy je.. I am afraid to ganggu.. buku log nie pun asyik tangguh to submit to my sv because  she is busy. I really don't like to disturb people even to sit at colleague's place.. but I have to  settle my work.. what to do kan.. please jgn marah saya. ..

          Actually yesterday kot, i switched on the tv and then saw word xplorasi.. then birthday faiqah... it reminded me to something... hehe  eksplorasi stf rmc 21-24 /7/ 2011.. so, 6 years already . Now 2017. Cepat masa berlalu..

            Congratulation to all my friend that already graduated especially from oversea. Hebatnya..balik Malaysia terus dpt kerja.. rezeki masing masing kan?.. Always be grateful with what Allah granted us. Sweet sgt kinot and danny.. best la grad dgn suami.. okay.. bln 8 nie ramai yg nak gi haji.. bestnya dpt jejakkan kaki kat tanah suci. Time terawikh haritu sempat merasa terawikh di uia. time habis balik sama2 dgn geng2 nusaibah. Pastu Teha ckp macam pergi umrah. Tgh nak balik hotel sama2. Tapi nk gi umrah kena ada mahram.. best kan dpt gi dgn family. 

             Tu laa now nie kne focus betul2 report nie. b4 nie main2 je.. hmm nk hntar report pakai post ke nk gi uia ?.. I think I wanna post je.. actually nk gi uia nk jumpa my solehah girlzzz but shahira, teha mcm dh balik rumah je.. missing you girls so much.

Jgn stop doakan al aqsa..

Friday, 14 July 2017

new life..


    I'm at office right now actually. Feeling very lonely, boring and sleepy ... arachi???.. Ustaz said when feel not happy then malaikat is not with you.

     Not laa new sgt.. just as usual go to work. Hmmm it is new laa because working life is not the same with study life and i really miss study life ... 

     Life is very complicated... i miss my friends in uia.. I miss to have chit chat with fariha, rahah and shahira at their room.... i have nobody to tell story here... 

      last Friday night I went to JB.. miss jb so much. After 6 years... been there again.. kenduri Qilah.. Congratzz ... Alhamdulillah sempat singgah stf kjp .. a lot of differences i can see. But so sad cannot see zawani and syahadah... its okay lahh... i dont think i will go to jb again.. it is far + expensive..
Thank you mak and ayah for allowing me to go to jb... ☺💋
        continue tomorrow ea
      Yesterday.. I was quite busy..x sempat nk menaip..
Yeah.. I am sad thinking of my life, future... i know Allah is the best planner. Allah always give the best for us what we gone through is the best... but its hard.. i feel like wanna cry every second.. Ya Allah please help me...

             Today is  14/7/17 already... so I would like to write the whole week's story. Okay ... Firstly, Alhamdulillah and until today I can't believe I already got the P license. Alhamdulillah sgt.. at my fourth trials.. I succeed.. Okay.. so, yesterday, HKB had a jamuan hari raya.. so, we (wati and me) had to help serve the food.. bkn serve to lead.. hehe.... best.. can see may people, doctors, nurses and many other staffs.. Then I got the chance to do work with my colleagues... hehe.. until enter into my dream..
last week, I got a lot of work to do.. but this week, don't have work because everybody busy with the audit...
              As an appreciation, I would like to list up my colleagues.. kenangan utk masa akn datang.. gambar don't have.. pengarah..Dr. Norhasimawati is the highest level in this HKB. I don't have chance to work with her pun. Next, Puan Ku Norehan, Puan Subaidah is my supervisor. She is penolong akauntan. Later I have the organisation chart, I'll put here ea.. I get to work with her, any command or task given from her. However, as I work under unit kewangan, I also work and get orders from the kewangan team. They are En. Idris, En. Faiz and kak Suhaiza. Next is Puan syahirah the engineer, En Safri, En Amirul, En. Zamri. Kak Rosni, Kak Ina, Kak Sarah, kak Zuraini, kak Liza, kak Ani, kak Shila, En. Hakimi. Then Wati is my practical friend in this office. I have one more practical friend, Atiqah also from uia but she is upstairs in other unit... Okay, thats all laa i think...

   All the best for all of you.. I really miss my solehah girls

Monday, 12 June 2017




     Tonight feel like wanna write something.. redha is not easy, it acquire you to really put trust in Allah. redha and pasrah is different from my understanding. Like what Lisa surihani said in the Ombak rindu (redha and pasrah).Its not that easy to really practise it. easy to say. yeah.. okay live update jap.. kedah 2-1 with pahang alhamdulillah..

        What I wanna say is .. we really have to process ourselves. Thats why we have to stay in tarbiyyah. ... my laptop is in problem right now, therefore I'm using this home pc. Alhamdulillah.. wait.. I think I have to continue tomorrow.. everybody( my family) at dpn tv right now is talking about football. I'm just quite.. don't know about bola.. only ask what is this guy name?.. after this forgot back.

               I wrote the first two paragraph for quite long time ago tau.. I really wanna continue but my laptop is broken.. Sobss  😞. Therefore I just use my phone right now.

              What I wanna write is Allah akn uji hambaNya pd titik kelemahan hambaNya.  Bro Azman selalu ckp pasal bnde nie time Kuliah tazkiyatun nafs.  Ujian tu tanda Allah sayang kita kan?.. One more thing is about being grateful. Sometimes, we forgot to be grtateful and thankful to Allah. We feel sad, jealous. It about the internship problem actually. I felt so down at that time. Everybody got their place already but not happened to me.. Than I tried to muhasabah balik kan... Suddenly come across the word bersyukur... Allah wanna tell me to be grateful and believe in what He has arranged for me and you. Alhamdulillah its a rahmat when the situations, problems, or anything happened that make us near to Allah..

Last paragraph I would like to write about final semester.. It sad to leave undergradzz life.. Seriously.. Sometimes I feel just like usual but I didn't though that there are people that feel ketiadaan saya.. Terharu... Ahamdulillah Allah kurniakan the good people around me. X expect pun that I can be friend with adik2and also kakak2.. 

Saturday, 6 May 2017



      Siapa la ea yg baca my boring blog nie?? hehe. Actually, I just deleted my last post because at that time i feel stress so much... 

       Now pun still stress.. so I wanna list my problems here first, I didn't get placement for internship yet. I really don't know what else to do.. i'm down tooo much because of this.. second, my jpj test ...
then i don't remember dah... That 2 enough to make me.... cannot describe.

         Its okay laa, just now I went out with shahira and raihan... to PBAKL.. Alhamdulillah Allah izin.. and Shahira share a story from the book pelukis jalanan. I'm quite motivated actually.. he is so positive.. his journey masha Allah too much ujian.. and now, berkat kesabaran dia, he become a famous author. Everybody waiting for his book. He's good in making money... hopefully I can become like him.

        hmm.. i wanna tell about my 3 and a half year as undergraduate student at IIUM. The life is too much tough. However, Allah grant me friend that could give me a smile while I'm in a very down condition as well as in a good condition. Sometimes fight, sometimes terasa hati, sometimes i made you angry and sometimes i merajuk... Whenever I ask for their nasihat, they always sudi to give me that. Thank you so much... I cannot list all of your name, maybe i'll forget someone, to be fair.. all of you always in my heart and hopefully in my du'a...
 One more thing, i got 1 extra planner and to whom should i give?? now already bulan 5 kot..

              Ni masa dkt langkawi, first time activity luar uia with uiaian that i love so much.

         Nie pulak dkt Terengganu..

Just nak ckp, kalau ada program yg camnie kan kitorang mcm asabiah sikit, makan, bilik, jln2 semua sekali x pernah pun tiba2 nk cari kwn lain ... setakat nie mmg x boleh berpisah..
windunyee tittew

Wednesday, 18 January 2017



The blog is telling me something but I don't understand.. if anybody understand can tell me...

               Noah with his parents already went back to Texas forever... not coming back to Malaysia anymore... sobsssss.... miss him sometimes... same like Thaqif aqil left me... hard to move on.. until go into my dream... hmmm.. we can meet in jannnah inshaa Allah..

               Okay... now Uia is in semester break.. and i suppose to repeat my jpj (most hated thing ever in my life)... always made me sad ... but Allah has arranged everything for us ...have faith.

                However, I am in uia and yesterday... uia dilanda ribut taufan yg amat dahsyat mashaa Allah. I work part time at mahallah office with Fariha... i just see the pictures not see the real condition yet.. Actually i wanna write about working experience... its nice .. how tired working life is right?.. some of my friends are having internship and when i see them mashaa Allah.. they are more tired than me have to travel early in the morning ..far away pulak tu... moga Allah beri kekuatan for them... Shahira, Ardeela, Raihan , Fatin Fatihah, and Zawani... and many more. Then i keep thinking of the life after get married. after arrived home, of course very tired, but i have to cook, wash clothes, and more... super duper penat. Tu belom ada anak lg.. hmmm mashaa Allah... I asked when already married, i have to goreng only 2 ketul chicken la kan? Shahira said 3 also can.. Fariha said 1 only sweet sikit.. Lol..
                Yesterday, after go to PG block, arrived at office then the meeting room already flooded... then we try to remove the water lah kan.. hmm then in working world nie we have to adapt others behaviour you know... we will meet a lot of people with different kind of perangai.. hmm everyday have to be matured.. learn to be more matured arachi?..


love all of you...