Saturday, 30 January 2016



             I would like to share 2015 story.. even today dah 3oth january.. dah almost one month in 2016. 2015 was so awesome. It teach me A LOT... cannot describe. Best dapat join Team DnT EMSS and Journalism club. ... even both are quite contrast. I've learnt a lot. Bak kata Ain, every person in that team taught me "something". .. Sometimes kena bully but sometimes I bullied people also... Bully main main je. Tapi mostly I laaa kena bully. Gembira, menangis tu biasa laaa.... Alhamdulillah everything run smoothly. Best dapat gi Langkawi, Terengganu, agd ,agm with all of you was a great memory.

              Other than that, I've met e few people that surprising me.......... I mean yeah... I never thought to meet them. First is Fizrie, my friend at RMC in 2011... during STF - RMC had a programme. .. I met him coincidentally at STABAZ ... hehe ...  Then, I also met kak Alina.. my beloved kakak. Last time we met I think also in form 5... Its been 4 years. Ingat Kak Alina x datang sbb x register online pun... rupanya datang juga program JC tu... Thanks kakak for supporting Journalism carnival 2015.....

            2015 also taught me to take care of a baby. Sangat x sangka yang aku akan jaga Thaqif aqil for almost 1 sem... Jaga dia dekat bilik Fariha, bawak gi meeting and many more with Thaqif. Miss him a lot. Fariha ajar aku jaga Thaqif .. and after tu mmg aku jaga fully hehe.. ambik dekat ayah dia... especially bila dekat mahallah ... kalau hari Jumaat, mmg akan jaga dekat bilik fariha... aku baru relax2 dekat bilik tiba2 Fariha call datang Nusaibah ... Thaqif datang... aku pun kelam kabut siap panjat tangga Nusaibah ... ambik Thaqif drpd ayah dia... anything for you laaa Thaqif .

             There are a lot more stories that happened on 2015 but until here I can tell okay... byeee

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