Wednesday, 18 January 2017



The blog is telling me something but I don't understand.. if anybody understand can tell me...

               Noah with his parents already went back to Texas forever... not coming back to Malaysia anymore... sobsssss.... miss him sometimes... same like Thaqif aqil left me... hard to move on.. until go into my dream... hmmm.. we can meet in jannnah inshaa Allah..

               Okay... now Uia is in semester break.. and i suppose to repeat my jpj (most hated thing ever in my life)... always made me sad ... but Allah has arranged everything for us ...have faith.

                However, I am in uia and yesterday... uia dilanda ribut taufan yg amat dahsyat mashaa Allah. I work part time at mahallah office with Fariha... i just see the pictures not see the real condition yet.. Actually i wanna write about working experience... its nice .. how tired working life is right?.. some of my friends are having internship and when i see them mashaa Allah.. they are more tired than me have to travel early in the morning ..far away pulak tu... moga Allah beri kekuatan for them... Shahira, Ardeela, Raihan , Fatin Fatihah, and Zawani... and many more. Then i keep thinking of the life after get married. after arrived home, of course very tired, but i have to cook, wash clothes, and more... super duper penat. Tu belom ada anak lg.. hmmm mashaa Allah... I asked when already married, i have to goreng only 2 ketul chicken la kan? Shahira said 3 also can.. Fariha said 1 only sweet sikit.. Lol..
                Yesterday, after go to PG block, arrived at office then the meeting room already flooded... then we try to remove the water lah kan.. hmm then in working world nie we have to adapt others behaviour you know... we will meet a lot of people with different kind of perangai.. hmm everyday have to be matured.. learn to be more matured arachi?..


love all of you...

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