Saturday, 6 May 2017



      Siapa la ea yg baca my boring blog nie?? hehe. Actually, I just deleted my last post because at that time i feel stress so much... 

       Now pun still stress.. so I wanna list my problems here first, I didn't get placement for internship yet. I really don't know what else to do.. i'm down tooo much because of this.. second, my jpj test ...
then i don't remember dah... That 2 enough to make me.... cannot describe.

         Its okay laa, just now I went out with shahira and raihan... to PBAKL.. Alhamdulillah Allah izin.. and Shahira share a story from the book pelukis jalanan. I'm quite motivated actually.. he is so positive.. his journey masha Allah too much ujian.. and now, berkat kesabaran dia, he become a famous author. Everybody waiting for his book. He's good in making money... hopefully I can become like him.

        hmm.. i wanna tell about my 3 and a half year as undergraduate student at IIUM. The life is too much tough. However, Allah grant me friend that could give me a smile while I'm in a very down condition as well as in a good condition. Sometimes fight, sometimes terasa hati, sometimes i made you angry and sometimes i merajuk... Whenever I ask for their nasihat, they always sudi to give me that. Thank you so much... I cannot list all of your name, maybe i'll forget someone, to be fair.. all of you always in my heart and hopefully in my du'a...
 One more thing, i got 1 extra planner and to whom should i give?? now already bulan 5 kot..

              Ni masa dkt langkawi, first time activity luar uia with uiaian that i love so much.

         Nie pulak dkt Terengganu..

Just nak ckp, kalau ada program yg camnie kan kitorang mcm asabiah sikit, makan, bilik, jln2 semua sekali x pernah pun tiba2 nk cari kwn lain ... setakat nie mmg x boleh berpisah..
windunyee tittew

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