Monday, 24 July 2017



Again I'm typing at my office.. hehe. Today's news is about to submit the report. Last week, we got to know our academic supervisor. My SV is sir fawwaz. Alhamdulillah. I already emailed to sir and he is okay if I wanna ask but I am segan laa to ask. I wanted some information about this internship place but my sv here pun mcm busy je.. I am afraid to ganggu.. buku log nie pun asyik tangguh to submit to my sv because  she is busy. I really don't like to disturb people even to sit at colleague's place.. but I have to  settle my work.. what to do kan.. please jgn marah saya. ..

          Actually yesterday kot, i switched on the tv and then saw word xplorasi.. then birthday faiqah... it reminded me to something... hehe  eksplorasi stf rmc 21-24 /7/ 2011.. so, 6 years already . Now 2017. Cepat masa berlalu..

            Congratulation to all my friend that already graduated especially from oversea. Hebatnya..balik Malaysia terus dpt kerja.. rezeki masing masing kan?.. Always be grateful with what Allah granted us. Sweet sgt kinot and danny.. best la grad dgn suami.. okay.. bln 8 nie ramai yg nak gi haji.. bestnya dpt jejakkan kaki kat tanah suci. Time terawikh haritu sempat merasa terawikh di uia. time habis balik sama2 dgn geng2 nusaibah. Pastu Teha ckp macam pergi umrah. Tgh nak balik hotel sama2. Tapi nk gi umrah kena ada mahram.. best kan dpt gi dgn family. 

             Tu laa now nie kne focus betul2 report nie. b4 nie main2 je.. hmm nk hntar report pakai post ke nk gi uia ?.. I think I wanna post je.. actually nk gi uia nk jumpa my solehah girlzzz but shahira, teha mcm dh balik rumah je.. missing you girls so much.

Jgn stop doakan al aqsa..

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