Sunday, 1 February 2015

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Alhamdulillah... cuti sem 1 dh pun habis and the new sem will begin soon...  okay just wanna share a little bit knowledge that I've got last sem... actually this is what I wrote in my notebook.. mixture of variety types of knowledge.

First, I found note on Pearls of Luqman... this is dnt programme maybe I can say my programme hehe perasan nyeeee sister nie... for the first time I became a secretary... amazing experience. First is put in practise. Don't you ever increase your evidence before you put it in practise. Actually I think this means that we must put in practise for whatever knowledge that we obtained. You know the name of Allah but what do you do with that?. The greatest knowledge is the name and attribute of Allah SWT. Your life is meaningful when you really understand the knowledge of the name and attribute of Allah SWT.

Spread the salam, say the correct one because it is the name of Allah. The first who give salam get reward for give salam. Meet your friends shake hands. Give salam with smile not as if you are forced to give salam.

Stay away from shirk.
The right of parents. The sacrification  of parents.
You cannot say no to your parents must always say yes.
They have to receive your smile face unless your parents ask you to do things againts the command of Allah SWT.
Check your status with your parents , if you have problems, fix it for your own benefits.
You should lower your voice... speak softly.

lastly, if you want to ask something about him do not ask him but ask his friends because friend is mirror of us ...

this talk delivered by Dr. Ibrahim Nuhu

Thank you ^_^

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