Monday, 12 June 2017




     Tonight feel like wanna write something.. redha is not easy, it acquire you to really put trust in Allah. redha and pasrah is different from my understanding. Like what Lisa surihani said in the Ombak rindu (redha and pasrah).Its not that easy to really practise it. easy to say. yeah.. okay live update jap.. kedah 2-1 with pahang alhamdulillah..

        What I wanna say is .. we really have to process ourselves. Thats why we have to stay in tarbiyyah. ... my laptop is in problem right now, therefore I'm using this home pc. Alhamdulillah.. wait.. I think I have to continue tomorrow.. everybody( my family) at dpn tv right now is talking about football. I'm just quite.. don't know about bola.. only ask what is this guy name?.. after this forgot back.

               I wrote the first two paragraph for quite long time ago tau.. I really wanna continue but my laptop is broken.. Sobss  😞. Therefore I just use my phone right now.

              What I wanna write is Allah akn uji hambaNya pd titik kelemahan hambaNya.  Bro Azman selalu ckp pasal bnde nie time Kuliah tazkiyatun nafs.  Ujian tu tanda Allah sayang kita kan?.. One more thing is about being grateful. Sometimes, we forgot to be grtateful and thankful to Allah. We feel sad, jealous. It about the internship problem actually. I felt so down at that time. Everybody got their place already but not happened to me.. Than I tried to muhasabah balik kan... Suddenly come across the word bersyukur... Allah wanna tell me to be grateful and believe in what He has arranged for me and you. Alhamdulillah its a rahmat when the situations, problems, or anything happened that make us near to Allah..

Last paragraph I would like to write about final semester.. It sad to leave undergradzz life.. Seriously.. Sometimes I feel just like usual but I didn't though that there are people that feel ketiadaan saya.. Terharu... Ahamdulillah Allah kurniakan the good people around me. X expect pun that I can be friend with adik2and also kakak2.. 

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