Tuesday, 26 July 2016

2nd raya


                So Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah finished my 6 Syawal fast.. So, tomorrow I'll be celebrating raya... hehe..

                 Okayy I have some chit chatting with my beloved ustazah just now, I asked what should I do if my friend is sad? Usatazah said give kata2 semangat, care dgn apa yg dilalui, fahami bantu jika perlu... Maybe one more doakan dia .. it is good right to doa to people.. especially to your family members and friends... I pray that Allah give us strength to continue with our life.

Sometimes I wonder... how my friends could stay with me?.. You are so strong.. sometimes I have bad mood laaa... sulking... everything... I feel bless to have all of you in my life. After this undergraduate.... I'll be missing you guys A LOT.... okay we keep praying for each other. For my family ... thank you very much. Love you.. I am sorry to all my family friends if I have hurt you without realizing it or realizing it... to Syahadah also.. Sorry and thank you... Thank you Allah ... Alhamdulillah.

I love you... bogoshipto...
is today friendship day or what?...
Love Allah first, Love Rasulullah, then family and friends...
Pray for me... I want to become a good person
Think only what is important... no need to berangan too much...okayyy
Focus ibadah.. . a small reminder for myself. .. for one of my friend.. don't laa be like that,.. Put your trust in Allah. Allah knows the best.. Allah love you.

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