Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Raya 2016


Today is 12th July equal to 7th Syawal 1437.... Alhamdulillah dapat sambut raya tahun nie. Allah masih panjangkan umur. Tahun nie especially, hujung2 Ramadan ramai yg pergi bertemu Ilahi. Rasa macam x elok nk sambut raya lebih2... walau happy macam mana pun ingatlah Allah . I wanna remind myself actually. 

            Alhamdulillah, this year, Allah izinkan kami satu keluarga sederhana besar i mean my father's family untuk gather bersama sama. I love that suasana yg sgt susah utk dijumpai. This year everybody came back to Penang hometown . So, it quite meriah... Alhamdulillah. Even I am already 22 but still got duit raya. Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki mereka yg sudi bg duit raya for me. I felt my uncles still treated me as children. My lecturer also said that even you already big and have your own family, you are always your parents' babies...  I just thinking of how it will be when i already married. I cannot imagine seriously.... . its okayy lah no need to think of that.

          What else, I feel happy to meet all my cousins and pakcik makcik.. having chit chat... Alhamdulillah...  okay change topic to real life .. I was extremely into DOTS... everyday I will sebut captain Yoo si Jin and Surgeon major Seo dae Yong. I dont know to spell sarjan in english its like pakar bedah. ... Before this laa i dont know why? .. but now not anymore the feel of enthusiasm or enthusiastic all are gone... suka sikit2 je... hehe dah laaa. doakan saya ye...

                                               The Cousins.... love you alll

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